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meet dermalogica pro pen

Take your micro-injury procedures to new heights with Dermalogica's PRO Pen – a unique Microneedling and Nanoinfusion system, all-in-one.


LuminFusion combines a targeted eye peel plus retinol and hydroxy acid blend to resurface and renew, NanoInfusion technology to deeply infuse active ingredients and LED red light therapy to visibly restore skin luminosity & diminish signs of skin ageing, with no down time.

NEW! Retinol Accelerator

What it is?
Professional strength gel-serum with 3.5% retinoid complex, 5% Niacinamide and penetration enhancers to boost treatment
results from chemical peels and other skin resurfacing treatments.

What it is?
Suitable for all skin types and recommended for clients who want more skin flaking, this is an ideal add-on to a resurfacing
treatment like a chemical peel.

holiday 2023

Share the science of skin health.
Our chemists work hand in hand with our professional skin therapists to develop each expert kit

Did you miss?

PRO power peel guidelines update!

Get updated on the revised pro power peel
application guidelines and discover progressive protocols for diverse
skin types and tones.
Learn about exciting new application techniques to amplify pro power peel efficacy
PLUS, more insight on Retinol Accelerator!

World Mental Health day panel discussion

If you couldn't catch our latest webinars live, don't worry you can keep up to date by clicking the links below.

On World Mental Health day we hosted a panel of industry professionals to join the discussion on the value of mindful conversations. This online panel discussion was in collaboration with charities Shear Haven, Mind and Massage4MentalHealth.

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