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+ PRO exclusive formulations including Pro Power Peel which are clinically proven to provide advanced skin results.

+ Advanced recovery formulas substantiated by clinical testing to drive skin healing following micro injury procedures such as RF Microneedling and laser.

+ Precision-engineered Pro Pen which offers unique microneedling and nano infusion options to drive skin rejuvenation.

+ Wrap around skin care formulas to be used in aesthetic procedures such as injectables and HIFU.

+ Priming and post procedure at home formulas so support skin health and recovery.

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Leveraging the latest research in epigenetics, the skin microbiome and ingredient science, Dermalogica has a legacy of more than 35 years of cutting-edge professional grade product development.
Our skin optimising focus delivers formulas that combine powerful actives with skin strengthening technologies to maximise results whilst protecting skin health.